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Guest Information
Covenant Foods serves these zip code areas: 46205, 46208, 46216, 46220, 46226, 46228, 46240, 46250, 46256, 46260. Guests seeking assistance should bring photo IDSocial Security cards of household members, and proof of residence, such as a piece of mail sent to his or her home address. Guests may return monthly.


Northside has a long-standing relationship with the Metro Baptist Center in downtown Indianapolis. Every month, church members contribute clothing and toiletries to the needy people of our community. Every year at Christmas, Northsiders contribute food for food baskets and toys for shoebox gifts for underprivileged children. Several members of Northside volunteer to serve in the Baptist Center's counseling ministry.

Covenant Foods began its ministry in 2008. We want to reach out to the hungry people in our community. The Pantry is open every Tuesday, 4 PM to 6:30 PM.

Where We Are
Covenant Foods is located at Northside Baptist Church, 3021 East 71st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220. Our phone number is 317-255-6692.

What We're Doing
Covenant Foods opened its doors to the community on September 9, 2008. Our goal is to reach out to people who are hungry, both physically and spiritually.

How We Got Our Name
The Covenant Foods name is taken from the text of Isaiah 55:1-3