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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Update from the Elders Regarding COVID-19

Dear Northside Family and Friends,

Mandatory Guidelines
            As church leadership, we are committed to serve our Northside family by continuing to hold on-site gatherings. However, during these unique times, our local government has placed some unique constraints upon our gatherings. By looking at the trend of how our society is “reopening”, the commonly held view is that these constraints are temporary and will be lifted as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Northside Baptist Church is located in Marion County and, as such, is required to comply with these local government orders.
            According to Public Health Order 17-2020, which goes into effect on Friday, June 19th, our local health officials have determined that churches may convene indoor services as long as 1) we are under 75% capacity, 2) individuals or family units keep 6 feet apart and, 3) everyone wear face coverings (i.e. a covering over the mouth and nose).
            In keeping with this order, starting on Sunday, June 21st, we are requiring all staff, members, and visitors who attend services at Northside to comply with these temporary regulations. We are asking everyone who plans on joining our gatherings to help us comply with these regulations until our local officials lift or modify them.
            What does that mean for you on an average Sunday? We will have greeters posted as our entrance offering you a face covering (if you do not have your own). There will be a sign posted on the door reminding you of our requirements (i.e. must wear face covering & must remain 6 feet apart).
Covenant Foods Update
            At a recent meeting of ministry leaders, Scott Long, one of the head volunteers in our Covenant Foods Ministry provided a very brief report on the ministry during the pandemic. When church leadership decided to shut down all on-campus ministries at the beginning of the pandemic, it was decided that we were committed to allowing Covenant Foods to continue its operation in order to service our community in a particular time of need. The head volunteers modified the process for distributing food by adopting a “drive-thru” model, as well as drastically cutting the number of volunteers needed to operate the ministry on Tuesday afternoons. Since March 17th, when these modified operations began, the Covenant Foods team has distributed food to over 255 vehicles, including 52 new clients from our serviceable area. As church leadership, we praise God for the impact this ministry has had in the community during this time of unique need. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of this ministry.
Ministry Leader Meeting
            Finally, on Sunday, June 14th, a group of ministry leaders and elders met to discuss and formulate plans to open up the church building for the rest of our various ministries (Sunday School hour, Wednesday night, etc…). The group had a productive discussion and will reconvene on Sunday, June 28th to formalize the reopening plans.
Stay connected with us and each other via the Facebook group page and website. We are confident in the Lord’s good purposes in all these recent events. He will work it out for the good of his people.

In Christ,

Your Elders (Mike Bowman, John Reeder, Dennis Brooks, Jim Moran, and Nate Brock)